Moulsoe Parish Council

Who we are

Residents of Moulsoe Parish are represented by Moulsoe Parish Council (MPC), an elected body in the first tier of local government.  The current MPC members are: 


Steve Waters



Kay Hamilton

Vacany for Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Moulsoe Parish Council are seeking to appoint a Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer with experience in clerking or Local Government.
Currently the hours are 3-5 hours a week and are worked from home. Salary will be as per the national recommended salary scale SCP 5-17 (depending upon experience).
More information on the role

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

There is currently a vacany on Moulsoe Parish Council for details of the role and an application form can be found on the Noticeboard page of the wesbsite.

What we do

We represent the interests of Moulsoe’s residents in the ongoing improvement of the quality of life and the local environment. Our is to aim to influence decision makers about matters concerning Moulsoe.
As your Parish Council, we have a duty to ensure that all the rules for the administration of the Parish are followed. We appoint a chair; a clerk to act as responsible financial officer; and an independent auditor. We hold a minimum of four meetings per year, including an Annual Meeting of the Council in May.
As your elected Councillors, we have responsibilities arising from the Council’s Code of Conduct. We are required to attend meetings when summoned; consider in advance the meeting agenda and any related documents; actively take part in meetings considering all facts and issues requiring attention and/or decisions; and we ensure the Parish Council is properly managed.

Conducting Parish Council Business

The Parish Council conducts formal meetings bi-monthly and annually.  An agenda is prepared and posted in the Parish Council Business.  Following the meeting the Meeting Minutes are prepared and posted here also.  To carry out its business effectively, there may be additional informal meetings conducted, the outcomes of which are noted at the next formal Parish Council meeting.

Join a meeting

Residents are most welcome to attend formal Parish Council Meetings and seats are always available.  Look out for dates on this site.  If a resident has a subject they would like to discuss specifically at the meeting, they should notify the Chair in advance, as residents are respectfully asked not speak during proceedings unless the Chair permits them to do so.

Talk to a Parish Councillor

If you would like to meet with a Parish Councillor to discuss Parish Council business, please contact the Parish Clerk to schedule an appointment.

Moulsoe Parish Council Privacy Notice

Last updated 7 October 2022