Photo Gallery

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Hay bale hermitage farm   Nigel tractor hay making
Making hay while the sun shines, Hermitage Farm June 2015

Moody cows  1506 HF foals on mound (15)
Moody cows at Hermitage Farm June 2015          Nigel Richards with mare June 2015

foals on mound (2)   foals on mound (7)
Mares and foals on mound, Hermitage Farm June 2015

Moulsoe from above SHoskins P1010347   Moulsoe from above SHoskins P1010349
View from church tower July 2013

Millennium Hall Royal Wedding May11   Cows1 Hermitage Farm NR Jul13
Royal Wedding Party April 2011                                    New calves at Hermitage Farm July 2013

Kingham Combine PB   Bale Making Sep12
Harvest August 2011                                                                                 Harvest September 2012

Barley field Jul13   Wheat ready for harvest Aug13
Barley July 2013                                                                                             Wheat August 2013

Kingham Farm Apr12   Millennium Hall & Carrington Arms across wheat fields
Kingham Farm April 2012                                         Carrington Arms & Millennium Hall July 2013

Oak Tree with Rape Apr13   Oat field Jul13
“Old Moulsoe Oak” April 2012                                                                                 Oats July 2013

Vintage tractor day PB Oct12   St Marys Winter Gate View Jan13
Vintage Tractors October 2012                                                   St Mary’s in Winter January 2013

St Marys Summer Road View Jul13   St Marys Snow PB cropped Feb09
St Mary’s Road View July 2013                                                      St Mary’s in Snow February 2009

Rape flowers Apr12  St Marys Summer Gate View Aug13
Rapeseed Flowers April 2012                                                St Mary’s in sunshine August 2013

Cow Parsley with Bumblebee Jul13   Moulsoe Oak with Carrington Arms Jul13
Cow Parsley with Bumblebee July 2013                     “Old Moulsoe Oak” Summer July 2013